Thursday, April 16, 2015

A sadly yet unique, but incredibly efficient way of agriculture brings exotic plants in bloom and yield in the cold Alps

A "new" method to over-civilized 21st century schizoid humans, but in fact very ancient and SUSTAINABLE. If we want to find a solution to our mega-problems (and not just on short term, but also on the long run), then it holds key importance to have a close look and listen, to do our own research in this topic and find out more about this something called PERMACULTURE. 
The thing WORKS. Here is an example from 4000ft high in the Alps of Austria, this man grows plenty of veggies and fruits, even vine grapes and many exotic plants that otherwise, with "normal" or "usual/generally accepted" methods wouldn't grow there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Machinery to kill off life from planet Earth?

One of my friends on FacebooT has shared this as his status the other day:
As you can see from this screen grab of live commercial flight traffic, the skies of Hertfordshire should be relatively clear. What the weather makers are trying to do is to pull a fairly weak weather system further south. The original forecast was for a completely clear day but not so now. To reiterate, the particles that are sprayed into the upper atmosphere scavenge moisture. Thus, the weather makers are able to extend storm fronts, areas of low pressure etc. Every time an area of high pressure builds, you will see fleets of these planes out trying to negate that system.