Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Terran Spacers: Groundling

Ouch, such a long time and no posts.
This one was a year old on 17th March and I haven't put it in here yet?
I'll do it now:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A sadly yet unique, but incredibly efficient way of agriculture brings exotic plants in bloom and yield in the cold Alps

A "new" method to over-civilized 21st century schizoid humans, but in fact very ancient and SUSTAINABLE. If we want to find a solution to our mega-problems (and not just on short term, but also on the long run), then it holds key importance to have a close look and listen, to do our own research in this topic and find out more about this something called PERMACULTURE. 
The thing WORKS. Here is an example from 4000ft high in the Alps of Austria, this man grows plenty of veggies and fruits, even vine grapes and many exotic plants that otherwise, with "normal" or "usual/generally accepted" methods wouldn't grow there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Machinery to kill off life from planet Earth?

One of my friends on FacebooT has shared this as his status the other day:
As you can see from this screen grab of live commercial flight traffic, the skies of Hertfordshire should be relatively clear. What the weather makers are trying to do is to pull a fairly weak weather system further south. The original forecast was for a completely clear day but not so now. To reiterate, the particles that are sprayed into the upper atmosphere scavenge moisture. Thus, the weather makers are able to extend storm fronts, areas of low pressure etc. Every time an area of high pressure builds, you will see fleets of these planes out trying to negate that system.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I have just started to count how many types of nuisances I have recently come across, who belong to the taxonomical class of annoyances.
There were the:

  • dickheads
  • dickbrains
  • dickfaces
  • simply dicks (who identify themselves with it)
  • those whose kindergarten symbol was a dick.

I'm curious what's next, where will the dick appear on the forthcoming pricks...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Three types of people watching the Solar Eclipse

Talking about the Solar Eclipse we have today, in our ignorant twenty-first century materialistic approach, there are three types of people we can distinguish.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Humans vs Mother Nature: 1 : 0 - _ - _ - The proof that forest animals do drink alcohol

 We usually take walks in the Turbary Common, which is a tiny patch of local nature reserve in the midst of industrial and residential areas of Bournemouth, UK. We are also members of the Heathwatch Team, aiming to preserve these handful of heathland remnants for the native animals and plants, to preserve them for future generations. We have this really small, but wonderful site of nature in the neighbourhood of an industrial complex on one side and residential suburbs on the other. People cut across as they commute to work or simply wind off after a long work day here. It's no problem as long as you respect the inhabitants, creatures of nature, who are forced to live on smaller and smaller patch of a land as over-civilized humans grab more and more land of their habitat from them.
Unfortunately, however, not everybody shares this respect and not everybody is "civilized" in a more human sense of the word.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grammar fail at a local Tesco

Can you spot the fail or OURN'T you familiar with grammar?

Food industry tricks - ground coffee and grated cheese

I only want to induce some line of thought, to start off a possibly new track for those open minded and curious. To some of you these thoughts might have occurred already, as these are not new thoughts, but I'd like to point out that there must be something hidden from us, which reveals some weak points of our current way of life and our food supply chain, the capitalistic, profit oriented system in which we are forced to live.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


It is called hiss-story, because always the "winners" write it. It naturally contains their uncompassionate bias.

Enter your pin, please. / PIN number

Imagine you had a visitor, a time traveler from the 19th century or even from earlier times. How would they perceive our world today?
Imagine you went shopping together with them.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tyranny or democracy?

Just liked something on facebook and wanted to comment on it when the Holy Censor got it removed. Not my comment. The original link. And then the entire facebook post. Is this topic too hot? You get your bloody salary for this? Karma PAYS YOU MORE, blood sucker!

I'll try to copy and paste it in here if and while I still can.

Telepathic nightmares

Have you imagined a society capable of telepathy? 
Do you share the romantic notion that this ability could only serve the good of humanity?
Or are you a bit more realistic and feel some sort of anguish as you can only think of it as giving up some (or all) of your privacy?

Well, it all depends on HOW this can be achieved.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1 in 3 Americans ARE ALREADY RFID chipped

Humans are chipped like dogs, it's being done all over the globe, not just in the States. Without the consent or the knowledge of these individuals. (How about you? Or me? Are you chipped? Are you sure you're not? How would you feel if it turned out you were? Did you consent to getting chipped? Do you? Will you?)
The question is not whether you think it's good or bad or neutral, it goes far beyond that.
What is this paving the way for? What hidden goals lie behind this move? Who runs all this huge machinery? Who collects the data, what sort of data does he/she/it have at hand and for what purposes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thick cloud curtain for covert operations

Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don't mind, but my recent observations made me conclude this, whether you give it full credibility or consider it far fetched.
Nowadays many times first you can see them planes draw these lines methodically onto our sky and their so called ice crystal filled contrails (i hope you noticed my sarcasm) soon produce a really thick, heavy set cloud layer which obscures everything above you. And then soon you may notice (if you're not submerged already in your everyday activities like rushing to work, stuck in a traffic jam, dropping off your kids to school; or your smartphone screen -what a great achievement to keep your eyes off the sky-) sounds of war planes launching from the nearby airport (civilian of course, nothing military is going on there, nor is there a military unit to it).
Perhaps the plain view of them warbirds might be too embarrassing? Wanna hide something from the public?
No, of course not!
It's simply coincidence that every time you hear these noises, the thick layer of clouds appear from out of nowhere. What??? From CONtrails you said? Conspiracy theorist imbeciles' bullshit.
Because politicians ALWAYS tell the truth - common knowledge.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alienating factors in our lives

Mother nature is perfect. Whether you believe that it was created by an omnipotent God or you believe that she has created herself, it does not matter, all belief systems agree on the fact that nature is perfect and whatever imbalances occur in it from time to time, she has the potential to correct them and bring back balance. Or at least it had been so until the point when today's commonly known civilization appeared and took on its latest form.
We humans are part of nature - regardless of our liking it or not. We are part of the big picture, the big system and cannot play god without consequences.

When we are born, we arrive as natural beings, completely dependent on our parents in our survival, but in our most natural form. If we stick to natural upbringing, and choose to avoid all the latest influence of western civilization, we can remain part of the system - just like some still living natural cultures worldwide, which are legendary and famous for their stress-free way of lives, no banking systems, no 9 to 5 jobs and no civilization bullshit that comes with it, pollution, traffic jams, debts, wars, mass murder, lies, media propaganda, etc. A pity we cannot choose our future when we're born, I bet if we were allowed, and all the facts were shown to us, more of us would choose the natural path.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Extremists must die - said the Holy Politician Woman, and the stakes were lighted.....

I have a few questions in mind. So, this young lady (not too young to be honest, and in some specimens I fail to see the "lady", still sorry, but I can't consider them a female kinda thing, rather just a THING) proposed to go against extremists.
If we watched the telly (tell lie), then I might incline to think it's to include only the Jihadi John type of mass murderers who beheaded several journalists in Syria and stuff like that. Well, this Jihadi John is just another actor playing his role - probably for money - in the perception deception, and works hard to provide a cause to move Assad in Syria.
So, if we had watched tv and were brainwashed by it, we might think she's right, these extremists shouldn't be there on facebook or telly or any media at all.
But my alarm is ringing.
And had I been a TV-addict, it still would be. What an Orwellian state could rule out some of the people's voice and not give them a chance to be heard, before the judgment of the people were ready? Who could say it's not meant to be there, when nobody heard???
Where is democracy?
Nowadays democracy is an all-important asset - wherever it's not yet present, the United Slaves of America's bankers bring it in. With military: rockets and bombs and mass-murder kinda "war" stuff. Better stay out if this is "democracy".
So, who is this lady and why does she (or he? still can't find the lady in this figure) want to rule out... whom does she want to rule out anyway????
Wait a minute!
There are people, who say bad things about nowadays politics - and politicians.
I don't wanna say names of present days, but I could.
And it all reminds me of the times of Martin Luther King.
He was an extremist.
He was considered a danger.
By the "US secret services".
Yes, mate, there is evidence, and courts' ruling that King was killed in an operation of the United Slaves of America's bankers' secret services, who, just like May now, ruled that King had been an extremist and as such, a threat to the people of the States and to democracy.
Their ruling was NOT based on the peoples' opinion, it wasn't democratic, anyway.
Because King WAS a popular figure, and as such, wouldn't have been considered a danger to the masses. He WAS a teacher, a prophet of love by the way, and as such, did a great job for mankind, for all the human race, including secret service agents, who caused his death. (There is a proof, I remind you!!!!!)

And my question is approaching, just wait it out.

1. So. On one side, there is King.
You know him, have heard of him, etc.
And that will make the difference.
You even know what he had preached.
You know what ideals he preached, what behavior he preached was right, etc.
It's really important, you will see.

2. On the other side, you see the State.
You might see its flag, red-white-and-blue.
And its secret service agents.

My question is REALLY simple.

  • Which side do you think was right?

Or we can put it another, an even more digestible way. Or let's put a number of questions together. It won't hurt that much, it might help to CLEAR the mess.

  • Which side do you know today?
  • Can you name any secret service agents, who were involved in the murdering of Martin Luther King? (If there occurs any name, DO YOU JUSTIFY THEIR DEED?)
  • Do you agree with the agenda of killing Martin Luther King as an extremist, as a threat to democracy and today's (capitalistic, consumist) way of life?
  • Would you pull the trigger if you were ordered to by your superiors, based on the judgment of an official just like May? (She would do the best she could to convince you that this man was a real threat, and was even about to kill your mum's hamster/dog/cat/whatever, to take away your doughnut, and take away your food from the takeaway.)
  • Do you think "democracy" suffers a threat from extremists like Martin Luther King or David Icke or UFO's and green aliens or whatever? Aren't the threats already their within the walls of parliament? 
  • Would you kill anybody who is labeled "extremist" by a government, of whose officials several are proven to be pedophiles, part of a secret circle run by pedophiles, etc.?
  • If these folks write law and regulations, on which everyday life is based - DO YOU FEEL SAFE IN YOUR BLOODY COUNTRY? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Do you know WHAT you're eating and drinking?

On this picture you can see the average packaging and labeling on the market, this time with a vanilla flavoured Coke. At the bottom on the right you can see this product had  been made in the Great Britain. The list of ingredients is there. Anything amiss? Well, let's get into the details. Carbonated water and sugar are ok. Colour is marked with the internationally used E number, so it can be identified. Phosphoric acid is listed, and we know how useful it  might be to the human body, as it desperately needs calcium to neutralize it and if it can't get it from the intestines then it will dig it out of the bones - quite good, isn't it? Well, but this post was written for something else. 
The next thing reads "Natural flavourings including caffeine".
Any problems with that?
Well, can you name the chemicals? Molecule structure or something? 
Can you identify the certain chemicals which are responsible for giving you the taste sensation by this dim piece of shithe???
And one more thing....
Caffeine as a flavouring?????
It's quite strange, caffeine has little to nothing to do about flavours. It is there for a different reason. But then why is it listed as flavouring? And - what's more important - why aren't the other flavourings listed by their names or E numbers so that everybody could identify what's in the can? 
How can you TRUST any companies (who btw can only exist if their profits soar) to put your food on your table? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

How structural violence works to break you in

Will mention no names, it could happen ANYWHERE. At the location of my readers.

(I wrote this one a few weeks ago, its publishing now has some personal reasons to it, which I will perhaps later put in writing in more detail, but to sum it up in short, I'd only say, we had enough of some imbecilities on part of the "school" and its annoying "headteacher". While writing this previous sentence, I tried to avoid using harsh words and labeling, and found it hard.)

If one has harbored any illusions on how sick our society was, here's an example to better describe how the structural violence of our today's society works. All it requires is stupid people (the word sheeple better describes them) whose only motive in life is to obey and conform, without asking any questions, without using their common sense, without any signs of creative thinking. To be honest, in this case it wouldn't require too much: you'd find a solution on your own very very soon. Just you'd have to use your brain - a tiny bit creatively.

It's 8:40'ish in the morning, I'm dropping off my kids in school. We are a bit late, or maybe not quite yet, so the older ones jump out of the car at the drop off (which is consequently mistaken for parking spaces by the majority of local drivers, pretty annoying, post on their driving habits later), then we go further with my smallest to look for a nice place to park. When we get out of the car, all we can hear is a horrified and hysterical youngster crying, and all the people's heads in the street we can see turn into the direction of the source. Two ladies are carrying a young child, who tries to break free, but obviously can't. My first thought is that this poor youngster didn't want to go to school this morning, so mummy and auntie had their crazy idea on how they were supposed to get the little chap to the school premises. Many of the "audience" are laughing, making comments on the young fella. That's how it all begins. Overcoming my first shock, we are slowly walking in. As we talk with my kid, it turns out from what he says that the two ladies were not parents of any sort, they were school personnel. o.O What the hell?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ambitious "British nationalist" Frenchman (with German wife) and unsure (probably Khazar) origins wants to take the lead

What good can it bring Britain if these people get near the controls of this island? 

"The Farage name comes from a distant Huguenot ancestor.[11] One of his great-grandfathers was born to German parents who migrated to London in the 19th century.[12] His father was a stockbroker who worked in the City of London financial district."
"Farage still lives in Downe, around the corner from his mother,[9] and has been married twice. In 1988 he married Gráinne Hayes, by whom he has two children: Samuel (born 1989) and Thomas (born 1991). The couple divorced in 1997.[10] In 1999 he married Kirsten Mehr, a German national..."

So, we can conclude: Monsieur und Frau Farage are getting in control, "mazel tov"...

I'm just curious what they first intend to do to cut down immigration. Will they first leave the UK or will they claim the royal family (German origins, mazel tov) to do it?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chemtrails again - with photos

This is how the sky looks when it is "clear" nowadays. In the morning, when they don't yet start this shitty business of theirs and literally no clouds are around (perhaps a tiny bit of a thin layer still remains there by then by the way, but it's not much in comparison), the sun is yet warm and you'd think it might be a hot day later on. 
Then they start to spray these stripes however, which spread really fast and these ones don't form huge thick clouds. On the contrary, a subtle thin layer is spread out only, which is penetrable for the suns light rays, but definitely locks up the heat rays. 
The result is some ice-age-like freezing late autumn temperatures with early spring - late autumn light conditions, only the sun being in an angle more late-springish gives it away we're in late spring. Its rays can't properly heat up the surface as they should, leaving plants, veggies, fruit trees and everything in your back garden puzzled and undergrown. 
Harbour no illusions, folks, it's being done on purpose, so that you won't miss out your shopping at the local supermarket and you can be infected with the gmo stuff they want to feed you with. Once your back garden is exterminated, you won't be so enthusiastic about gardening - anything else than ornamental plants like flowers and stuff. Or lawn.
But the most embarrassing aspect about it, for us at least, who are still capable of thinking, is that the masses still believe in the global warming tale when it is mentioned. Even with temperatures so low that no grandfather of yours could remember... That's something, a real achievement on their part. And that anyone would say "What a lovely weather we have, the sun is out, the sky is clear." No, darling, it is not! 
I estimate some 20-30% of its light is already blocked out and with this excessive spraying they will soon increase this percentage. How long till you realize it, my dear? How long till you stand up for your right to the sun and its light and its heat? How long until you sign some petition to stop chemtrailing?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weather control games and toy devices used to justify climate change propaganda, and the wording is getting stronger - this shit has got to STOP!!!

"Climate inaction to be 'catastrophe'" - warns the BBC, US Secretary of State, UN Knowitallmen and Joe Public. A UN report on "climate change" and "global warming" is the trigger, which is supposed to convince every Mr. and Mrs. Public about the necessity of more spends on "taking action".

Monday, March 24, 2014

Images update

A bunch of photos this time.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Read these stories of how the secret courts imprison the elderly in care homes against their will - and weep

Quite a number of things need to change in the western world. Among them this "law", which was introduced by the Blair(-criminal)-government to enable a secret court to hideously imprison elderly people against their will and sometimes for no adequate reason. Anyone who protests is wiped out of the way. Even official reports of specialist doctors, psychiatrists are ruled out. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nations against nations = divide & conquer

In the face of the upcoming new crises around the world one must conclude that Isaac Asimov was darn right in what he had concluded that long ago.
The duality of our way of thinking and categorizing everything into small boxes labelled good or bad cannot be maintained any longer. Searching for a scapegoat human or a scapegoat nation can no more be an accepted solution. A paradigm shift needs be done in order to achieve our number one priority at the moment.
Today it is Ukraine and Russia vs the EU and the US. Yesterday it was Syria, the day before it was Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. When will we, HUMANITY realize what this game is all about? (And then probe into who are behind it all and what their purposes are.)

What is music industry all about?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What to do when you are labeled a conspiracy theorist

I find it "interesting" when I say things how I see them, from a unique point of view, sharing my own thoughts on affairs and news and stuff (my own opinion, rather than just parroting whatever the media tells me my opinion must be), and then people come to me and call me a conspiracy theorist, or whatever I came up with: a conspiracy theory.
It's pretty interesting

Friday, February 21, 2014

One picture says it all

I have plenty of posts in my mind about these above mentioned things, but first just let's summarize them with this picture I borrowed from David Icke. :)
It really does say it all. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Voivod's Dimension Hatröss is one of the most timely albums out there today

In the recent days and weeks I have dug out one of my favourite metal albums from the 80's, which has pretty much influenced my way of thinking back in the day, and have listened to it a number of times, admiring the genius phenomenon in its every bit. The masterpiece is Voivod's Dimension Hatröss, and the apropos of its turning up after a long time is that this piece of art has so many hidden truths and predictions in it, that it can be defined as an analogy to our today's world. What these guys back then in the eighties have thought would be a far-fetched horror story of an imaginary world, is today's everyday reality of a high tech Orwellian 1984 world. Was it an accidental hit of theirs or rather the glimpse of a (bunch of) genius mind(s), creating every metaphor and allegory on purpose? Have a listen and decide for yourself! :)