Friday, February 13, 2015

Humans vs Mother Nature: 1 : 0 - _ - _ - The proof that forest animals do drink alcohol

 We usually take walks in the Turbary Common, which is a tiny patch of local nature reserve in the midst of industrial and residential areas of Bournemouth, UK. We are also members of the Heathwatch Team, aiming to preserve these handful of heathland remnants for the native animals and plants, to preserve them for future generations. We have this really small, but wonderful site of nature in the neighbourhood of an industrial complex on one side and residential suburbs on the other. People cut across as they commute to work or simply wind off after a long work day here. It's no problem as long as you respect the inhabitants, creatures of nature, who are forced to live on smaller and smaller patch of a land as over-civilized humans grab more and more land of their habitat from them.
Unfortunately, however, not everybody shares this respect and not everybody is "civilized" in a more human sense of the word.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grammar fail at a local Tesco

Can you spot the fail or OURN'T you familiar with grammar?

Food industry tricks - ground coffee and grated cheese

I only want to induce some line of thought, to start off a possibly new track for those open minded and curious. To some of you these thoughts might have occurred already, as these are not new thoughts, but I'd like to point out that there must be something hidden from us, which reveals some weak points of our current way of life and our food supply chain, the capitalistic, profit oriented system in which we are forced to live.