Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tyranny or democracy?

Just liked something on facebook and wanted to comment on it when the Holy Censor got it removed. Not my comment. The original link. And then the entire facebook post. Is this topic too hot? You get your bloody salary for this? Karma PAYS YOU MORE, blood sucker!

I'll try to copy and paste it in here if and while I still can.

Telepathic nightmares

Have you imagined a society capable of telepathy? 
Do you share the romantic notion that this ability could only serve the good of humanity?
Or are you a bit more realistic and feel some sort of anguish as you can only think of it as giving up some (or all) of your privacy?

Well, it all depends on HOW this can be achieved.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1 in 3 Americans ARE ALREADY RFID chipped

Humans are chipped like dogs, it's being done all over the globe, not just in the States. Without the consent or the knowledge of these individuals. (How about you? Or me? Are you chipped? Are you sure you're not? How would you feel if it turned out you were? Did you consent to getting chipped? Do you? Will you?)
The question is not whether you think it's good or bad or neutral, it goes far beyond that.
What is this paving the way for? What hidden goals lie behind this move? Who runs all this huge machinery? Who collects the data, what sort of data does he/she/it have at hand and for what purposes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thick cloud curtain for covert operations

Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don't mind, but my recent observations made me conclude this, whether you give it full credibility or consider it far fetched.
Nowadays many times first you can see them planes draw these lines methodically onto our sky and their so called ice crystal filled contrails (i hope you noticed my sarcasm) soon produce a really thick, heavy set cloud layer which obscures everything above you. And then soon you may notice (if you're not submerged already in your everyday activities like rushing to work, stuck in a traffic jam, dropping off your kids to school; or your smartphone screen -what a great achievement to keep your eyes off the sky-) sounds of war planes launching from the nearby airport (civilian of course, nothing military is going on there, nor is there a military unit to it).
Perhaps the plain view of them warbirds might be too embarrassing? Wanna hide something from the public?
No, of course not!
It's simply coincidence that every time you hear these noises, the thick layer of clouds appear from out of nowhere. What??? From CONtrails you said? Conspiracy theorist imbeciles' bullshit.
Because politicians ALWAYS tell the truth - common knowledge.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alienating factors in our lives

Mother nature is perfect. Whether you believe that it was created by an omnipotent God or you believe that she has created herself, it does not matter, all belief systems agree on the fact that nature is perfect and whatever imbalances occur in it from time to time, she has the potential to correct them and bring back balance. Or at least it had been so until the point when today's commonly known civilization appeared and took on its latest form.
We humans are part of nature - regardless of our liking it or not. We are part of the big picture, the big system and cannot play god without consequences.

When we are born, we arrive as natural beings, completely dependent on our parents in our survival, but in our most natural form. If we stick to natural upbringing, and choose to avoid all the latest influence of western civilization, we can remain part of the system - just like some still living natural cultures worldwide, which are legendary and famous for their stress-free way of lives, no banking systems, no 9 to 5 jobs and no civilization bullshit that comes with it, pollution, traffic jams, debts, wars, mass murder, lies, media propaganda, etc. A pity we cannot choose our future when we're born, I bet if we were allowed, and all the facts were shown to us, more of us would choose the natural path.