Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Extremists must die - said the Holy Politician Woman, and the stakes were lighted.....

I have a few questions in mind. So, this young lady (not too young to be honest, and in some specimens I fail to see the "lady", still sorry, but I can't consider them a female kinda thing, rather just a THING) proposed to go against extremists.
If we watched the telly (tell lie), then I might incline to think it's to include only the Jihadi John type of mass murderers who beheaded several journalists in Syria and stuff like that. Well, this Jihadi John is just another actor playing his role - probably for money - in the perception deception, and works hard to provide a cause to move Assad in Syria.
So, if we had watched tv and were brainwashed by it, we might think she's right, these extremists shouldn't be there on facebook or telly or any media at all.
But my alarm is ringing.
And had I been a TV-addict, it still would be. What an Orwellian state could rule out some of the people's voice and not give them a chance to be heard, before the judgment of the people were ready? Who could say it's not meant to be there, when nobody heard???
Where is democracy?
Nowadays democracy is an all-important asset - wherever it's not yet present, the United Slaves of America's bankers bring it in. With military: rockets and bombs and mass-murder kinda "war" stuff. Better stay out if this is "democracy".
So, who is this lady and why does she (or he? still can't find the lady in this figure) want to rule out... whom does she want to rule out anyway????
Wait a minute!
There are people, who say bad things about nowadays politics - and politicians.
I don't wanna say names of present days, but I could.
And it all reminds me of the times of Martin Luther King.
He was an extremist.
He was considered a danger.
By the "US secret services".
Yes, mate, there is evidence, and courts' ruling that King was killed in an operation of the United Slaves of America's bankers' secret services, who, just like May now, ruled that King had been an extremist and as such, a threat to the people of the States and to democracy.
Their ruling was NOT based on the peoples' opinion, it wasn't democratic, anyway.
Because King WAS a popular figure, and as such, wouldn't have been considered a danger to the masses. He WAS a teacher, a prophet of love by the way, and as such, did a great job for mankind, for all the human race, including secret service agents, who caused his death. (There is a proof, I remind you!!!!!)

And my question is approaching, just wait it out.

1. So. On one side, there is King.
You know him, have heard of him, etc.
And that will make the difference.
You even know what he had preached.
You know what ideals he preached, what behavior he preached was right, etc.
It's really important, you will see.

2. On the other side, you see the State.
You might see its flag, red-white-and-blue.
And its secret service agents.

My question is REALLY simple.

  • Which side do you think was right?

Or we can put it another, an even more digestible way. Or let's put a number of questions together. It won't hurt that much, it might help to CLEAR the mess.

  • Which side do you know today?
  • Can you name any secret service agents, who were involved in the murdering of Martin Luther King? (If there occurs any name, DO YOU JUSTIFY THEIR DEED?)
  • Do you agree with the agenda of killing Martin Luther King as an extremist, as a threat to democracy and today's (capitalistic, consumist) way of life?
  • Would you pull the trigger if you were ordered to by your superiors, based on the judgment of an official just like May? (She would do the best she could to convince you that this man was a real threat, and was even about to kill your mum's hamster/dog/cat/whatever, to take away your doughnut, and take away your food from the takeaway.)
  • Do you think "democracy" suffers a threat from extremists like Martin Luther King or David Icke or UFO's and green aliens or whatever? Aren't the threats already their within the walls of parliament? 
  • Would you kill anybody who is labeled "extremist" by a government, of whose officials several are proven to be pedophiles, part of a secret circle run by pedophiles, etc.?
  • If these folks write law and regulations, on which everyday life is based - DO YOU FEEL SAFE IN YOUR BLOODY COUNTRY?