Friday, June 27, 2014

How structural violence works to break you in

Will mention no names, it could happen ANYWHERE. At the location of my readers.

(I wrote this one a few weeks ago, its publishing now has some personal reasons to it, which I will perhaps later put in writing in more detail, but to sum it up in short, I'd only say, we had enough of some imbecilities on part of the "school" and its annoying "headteacher". While writing this previous sentence, I tried to avoid using harsh words and labeling, and found it hard.)

If one has harbored any illusions on how sick our society was, here's an example to better describe how the structural violence of our today's society works. All it requires is stupid people (the word sheeple better describes them) whose only motive in life is to obey and conform, without asking any questions, without using their common sense, without any signs of creative thinking. To be honest, in this case it wouldn't require too much: you'd find a solution on your own very very soon. Just you'd have to use your brain - a tiny bit creatively.

It's 8:40'ish in the morning, I'm dropping off my kids in school. We are a bit late, or maybe not quite yet, so the older ones jump out of the car at the drop off (which is consequently mistaken for parking spaces by the majority of local drivers, pretty annoying, post on their driving habits later), then we go further with my smallest to look for a nice place to park. When we get out of the car, all we can hear is a horrified and hysterical youngster crying, and all the people's heads in the street we can see turn into the direction of the source. Two ladies are carrying a young child, who tries to break free, but obviously can't. My first thought is that this poor youngster didn't want to go to school this morning, so mummy and auntie had their crazy idea on how they were supposed to get the little chap to the school premises. Many of the "audience" are laughing, making comments on the young fella. That's how it all begins. Overcoming my first shock, we are slowly walking in. As we talk with my kid, it turns out from what he says that the two ladies were not parents of any sort, they were school personnel. o.O What the hell?