Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Machinery to kill off life from planet Earth?

One of my friends on FacebooT has shared this as his status the other day:
As you can see from this screen grab of live commercial flight traffic, the skies of Hertfordshire should be relatively clear. What the weather makers are trying to do is to pull a fairly weak weather system further south. The original forecast was for a completely clear day but not so now. To reiterate, the particles that are sprayed into the upper atmosphere scavenge moisture. Thus, the weather makers are able to extend storm fronts, areas of low pressure etc. Every time an area of high pressure builds, you will see fleets of these planes out trying to negate that system.

But it goes deeper than this I feel. Much deeper.
I have stated repeatedly that what you are seeing up there is cutting edge, highly classified military technology. These planes are fully automated drones. Think about that for a moment: machines programmed to block out the source of life on this planet. This is why there is a complete media blackout on the chemtrail phenomenon. It's not Ryan Air, or Easy Jet. These planes are not taking off from Heathrow or Gatwick. Chemtrail research has been led down a cul-de-sac. The waters have been muddied by red herrings and elaborate disinformation. I think its about time we started pointing fingers at BAE Systems, and other military-industrial corporations that have unleashed this technology on the human race and mother earth.

Stanislaw Lem in his books has created a Universe where biological life and machine-based beings lived each in their turn, but not quite simultaneously. A biological society has created machines, which in the end has killed their biological masters off the faces of planets. Then their machine-based/robotic society has advanced to a point where they created biological life, and again after a while these beings destroyed all the machinery. Again after a long while they created machinery, and the cycles went on from beginning, always alternating between machine-based and biological life in the Universe.

I sincerely hope that Lem's nightmare will not come true. Let's take it as a warning! Time has come to take action. Before drones "terraform" our planet to uninhabitable to the creatures now present on it.

But don't worry, "only" our lives depend on it. :sarcasticsmile: And of the next generations. Including animal and plant life, if humans were not enough for you to move your ass.

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