Friday, March 20, 2015

Three types of people watching the Solar Eclipse

Talking about the Solar Eclipse we have today, in our ignorant twenty-first century materialistic approach, there are three types of people we can distinguish.

Number one is the "Hey, was it an eclipse, that it was so dark?". Completely ignorant about it, perhaps knows how the phenomenon works and appears, but does not care.

It has an altered state in our today's information-ridden world, where one cannot avoid TV newscasts and other news sources. This one knows about the phenomenon, knows when it will take place, and approaches it profanely - perhaps even wants to see it, but his or her curiosity is at the same level with an autopsy or sightseeing. "Yeah, it looks fine. What's next? What's for dinner?"
No, it's not better if their motives are "scientific curiosity". 

Number two knows everything about the Eclipse, knows exactly when it will take place and knows how to use the energies of it. He or she does everything so that he or she can be free at the time of the Eclipse, so that he or she can utilize the energies to the maximum. Maybe the first time he or she heard about the event was from a newscast, a fb post or something profanely similar, but when he or she did, they looked up everything about it and got prepared.
The weak point is that they depend on seeing the Eclipse and in case the sky gets cloudy and blocks it out, they can easily get disappointed.

Number three is free of the sights. He knows every detail of the event and even if the sky is cloudy, they can picture it for themselves with their inner eyes. They know how to utilize the energies of it and they certainly do, whether or not they can see it. 
For some, they might appear as if they were number one category people, but it's just for the first glance. These people know and use the forces of this event regardless of where they are and what they are doing when it takes place.

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I've read a few articles about the Eclipse and was shocked to discover that ALL of them were written by completely ignorant "number one" category people. Guardian, Sun, Echo, whichever you choose, complete bullocks only.

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