Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tyranny or democracy?

Just liked something on facebook and wanted to comment on it when the Holy Censor got it removed. Not my comment. The original link. And then the entire facebook post. Is this topic too hot? You get your bloody salary for this? Karma PAYS YOU MORE, blood sucker!

I'll try to copy and paste it in here if and while I still can.
While writing a comment to the post, the original link's account got suspended. Here we go, you cannot criticize the Holy Woman, like Big Brother or any of Theirs' deeds. Big Brother is watching you! The Thought Police too. Today an account gets removed, tomorrow perhaps the one gets jailed and next week maybe beheadings and other means of execution are coming into force...?

Remember when the First Lady promised to tackle childhood ‪#‎obesity‬with ‪#‎healthy‬ school lunches? Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong...
First Lady Michelle Obama made headlines when she pledged to support healthier school lunches in [...]

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