Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thick cloud curtain for covert operations

Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don't mind, but my recent observations made me conclude this, whether you give it full credibility or consider it far fetched.
Nowadays many times first you can see them planes draw these lines methodically onto our sky and their so called ice crystal filled contrails (i hope you noticed my sarcasm) soon produce a really thick, heavy set cloud layer which obscures everything above you. And then soon you may notice (if you're not submerged already in your everyday activities like rushing to work, stuck in a traffic jam, dropping off your kids to school; or your smartphone screen -what a great achievement to keep your eyes off the sky-) sounds of war planes launching from the nearby airport (civilian of course, nothing military is going on there, nor is there a military unit to it).
Perhaps the plain view of them warbirds might be too embarrassing? Wanna hide something from the public?
No, of course not!
It's simply coincidence that every time you hear these noises, the thick layer of clouds appear from out of nowhere. What??? From CONtrails you said? Conspiracy theorist imbeciles' bullshit.
Because politicians ALWAYS tell the truth - common knowledge.

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