Saturday, November 22, 2014

Telepathic nightmares

Have you imagined a society capable of telepathy? 
Do you share the romantic notion that this ability could only serve the good of humanity?
Or are you a bit more realistic and feel some sort of anguish as you can only think of it as giving up some (or all) of your privacy?

Well, it all depends on HOW this can be achieved.
Today's technocratic approach to problem-solving offer a quick and easy solution to every problem, and soon to this one, too. Er, well, not as of yet, but slowly we are getting there. Just think of the latest tech news from leading brands about their latest of gadgets and you will have a hint at hand.

With smart phones and smart goggles, smart watches, smart whatnots - it is just a question of time when someone will come up with a mind reading app, and now you don't have to think of some mystic software combining cutting edge technology with esoteric hocus-pocus. The latest gadgets already possess some elements of this - you can read the direction and find out about the vector.

Soon the gadgets can "find out"and "learn" from previous experiences, what command you want to give them when your brain pattern is like this and what different one when it's that. First it's always something simple, but sooner or later more details can be added and more complex information translated. First it can be an extra, but soon it might get default.

First it can be a man-to-machine means of communication, where you only give commands and machine obeys.

Already at this point you are vulnerable to unsuspected spying on the machine's part. Well, not exactly the machine is to blame, you know what I mean, but you might have heard of viruses and spyware... Oh yes, of course it is only done for you, so that you can get personalised adverts and offers, bla-bla-bla.

After a time machine can also use this wavelength to communicate with you - and the romantic ones' fantasies are full of gittery images like alarm clocks which won't emit audio noises, only stimulate your brain, the music you listen to only exists in your brain centre responsible for hearing, etc. 

Not many consider the possible negative side.

And as communication gets two way, it becomes possible to use this technology in man to man communications, too. Use the device as a translator, an in-between step and that's it!

The world celebrates, one small step for man, bla-bla-bla.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? - you might ask.
And by the way, really, what's wrong with it?

Well, to the majority it won't occur that something is just not right with this, but to be frank, it's really simple to summarize it.

Normally, you only have telepathy if you are mature enough to be able to "learn" it, it requires a certain level of awareness and spiritual evolvement. Without it you can't have it. It's simple: you're not yet quite there, still have to learn something.

Machine-made telepathy overrides this natural limitation, giving out the secrets and privacy of a human mind to another one, without making sure that everybody involved has clean motives. It switches off a natural filter, destroys the firewall.

Secondly, putting a machine as in-between mediator inserts an unnecessary and fragile element to the picture, something that can easily get hacked.

Ah yes, but we now for sure that nobody wants to do any harm to us, especially not our government.....

So, if it were up to me, I'd vote for natural telepathy and natural ways in general, so that our communications can be telepathic and not (tele)pathetic.

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