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Alienating factors in our lives

Mother nature is perfect. Whether you believe that it was created by an omnipotent God or you believe that she has created herself, it does not matter, all belief systems agree on the fact that nature is perfect and whatever imbalances occur in it from time to time, she has the potential to correct them and bring back balance. Or at least it had been so until the point when today's commonly known civilization appeared and took on its latest form.
We humans are part of nature - regardless of our liking it or not. We are part of the big picture, the big system and cannot play god without consequences.

When we are born, we arrive as natural beings, completely dependent on our parents in our survival, but in our most natural form. If we stick to natural upbringing, and choose to avoid all the latest influence of western civilization, we can remain part of the system - just like some still living natural cultures worldwide, which are legendary and famous for their stress-free way of lives, no banking systems, no 9 to 5 jobs and no civilization bullshit that comes with it, pollution, traffic jams, debts, wars, mass murder, lies, media propaganda, etc. A pity we cannot choose our future when we're born, I bet if we were allowed, and all the facts were shown to us, more of us would choose the natural path.

So, we are born. A new life is given. There's no limits to it except for natural ageing and a promise of future wear and tear and knocks - all depending on our future choices how we want to live our lives.

And in our civilized western lifestyle we are not in the least happy with it.

The first shock - vaccinations

Preparing the immune system - for what exactly?

Our immune system is being created in the first few years. It's not in the least complete, it's still in "learning mode". It meets germs of different sorts, identifies them and learns to fight them. 
Unless we get vaccinated.

Vaccination is today considered one of the greatest advantage of modern day living. Doctors line up to tell you what they were taught to tell you in university, that vaccination helps eradicate a long list of sicknesses, it is this and that effective, and bla-bla-bla. They show you diagrams and tell you of fairy tales how this or that world-wide epidemic has been stopped and kept under close control through vaccination and shots.

The truth is completely different, and I will not give you exact details here in this short article. Do the research yourself and have a look at the other side of the coin and see for yourself. Think for yourself! 

All the data was deliberately falsified in almost all of the documented tests and if you take a closer look at figures, you will see it yourself, that the great proof cases of stopping epidemics appeared in a natural dying phase of the epidemic, when it was retracting by itself. (See my first paragraph and pls note that I have already mentioned how perfect mother nature is.)

I believe that if I matter of factly tell my audience the answers, it draws little attention and perhaps all the article gets forgotten pretty soon. So now, just as an attempt to avoid this fate, let me ask you a few simple questions, and I will not give you any answers. By answering them yourself, you can get closer to solving the puzzle.

Who benefits from compulsory vaccinations?
The governments pay huge amounts of tax money to pay for the expenses. Whether it's tax or National Insurance or healthcare whatever, it doesn't matter, in fact the people pay this money, not the government. The government only decides where the people's money will go. (On this civilised method of decision-making you can expect another (series of) article(s) from me soon.) But where does that money go? Who gets it?

You have probably found the right answer. Next question is: 
Are these companies financially interested in creating a healthy society where they cannot sell their other products, or on the contrary?
In case of companies, can we trust them that they will be interested in anything else than their financial success? (Please don't forget incidents and accidents and disasters like the one in Mexico Gulf, in spite of mile long lists of ecological regulations.)

Researchers and whistleblowers worldwide today expose the "hidden contents" of vaccinations, some of which are probably put into the shots with the knowledge of the developers, others perhaps not, and their links to later sicknesses and illnesses like autism.

I personally know many families who have to deal with such side effects of the most modern achievement of our western civilization, vaccination, and have to bring up impaired children. I know their struggle - and the pain. No statistic data can comfort them, especially if it had been modified to begin with. No professor's insane reasoning (parroting) can ease it.

And why do doctors support this shithe? Because they were taught to. Where? At the uni.
Who runs the uni's?
Yep, the same families, who run all the pharmaceutical industry.

Goal? What's the goal?
Later complete control. First step is to weaken the immune system through harmful chemical substances to provide a germinating pool or ground for later intruders. Now just prepare....

Swim in the soup!

If we survived being born and getting vaccinated, and we haven't had any complications or side effects, our development hasn't suffered in the least, then we are indeed lucky. We can face everyday living with joy and we can really enjoy our civilized way of life.

  • We can watch TV.
  • Listen to radio.
  • An mp3 player. (I don't mention previous versions like gramophone, vinyl or cassettes or cd's.)
  • Or play video games (later, I know, but definitely we will at some point).
  • Go online on our computer.
  • Make phone calls -especially on the cell phone.
  • Live in a house that's hard-wired, where electric cables run in the walls, the floors and ceilings.
  • Eat frozen foods,
  • Or simply refrigerated foods,
  • Or microwaved foods,
  • etc.
All these activities are somehow connected to our civilized electric/electronic tech gadgets infected way of life.
I don't say gadgets are bad. On the contrary, they make life a hell lot easier and more convenient for us.
But they silently and without people's knowledge have an uncompromising extra feature.

They alter your electromagnetic field.

Nicola Tesla once said, that if you think about the Universe, think in terms of frequency and radiation.

We were born with our natural frequencies into a natural environment. We were designed to that natural environment, to its frequencies and radiation.
And now we alter the radiation and frequency range of our environment.

Are we really surprised when we come across altered frequency-response in our human bodies in the form of previously unknown or not this common sicknesses?

Perhaps in the ancient days all our today's sicknesses did exist. But they weren't as wide-spread as they are today.

The links to our civilized way of life are evident.

Get dependent from these gadgets, so that your frequency range can get distorted beyond repair. That's gonna play a key role in your future sicknesses. Opening the gate for the Trojan horse.

Pollution - take a deep breath

Level 2: Get geo-engineered

Pollution - and most of all, air pollution - is a thing we all hear about, especially those of us who have lived in big cities. Traffic jams and exhaust gasses, factories and their long chimneys exhaling the breath of death are common pictures in our minds connected to this topic.

The latest toy of some bored self-styled chimpanzee-god is weather modification.

I know I deal with this topic a lot on this blog, so if you have read my articles, you might have already come across a lot. But just to summarise where we are and for those who haven't read anything else from me:

In ye olden days, science fiction writers have considered it a huge advantage to have it on their planets. Artificial climate, "terraforming" a planet, weather-modification to get its advantages in agriculture, yielding profit in rich crops, avoiding tornadoes and hurricanes and other natural phenomena, having rain in the drought season, sunshine when it's much needed were all the highest and most profiting achievements of our tech-based distant future descendants - in these fantasy books.
In reality we had not too much.

As a child I remember my grandpa told me that hailstorms were prevented by some rockets fired into the clouds - and this technology was in use in most Eastern European countries in the late seventies, early-mid eighties. And after a while I didn't hear anything about it.

And then the contrails of the planes began to stay longer and longer, clouding all the sky for weeks sometimes - as it is their habit nowadays.

In the eighties we heard that Eastern European military used Barium ions sprayed from planes during field exercises. This, combined with their radar system, gave them a real time 3D map of all the enemy movements, while covering the ground in thick fog. Or at least that's how I remember.

The technology has already existed back in the day, they could make it rain on a sunny day if they wanted to, only nobody wanted to use this technology by then. Or at least we were told so.

Now again I'd like to refer to a previous statement of mine.
All this technology was used in the fiction books for the benefit of all beings, including humans. for the common good.
My question is 
Can we trust companies or governments run by companies that they will use it for the common good?
In our today's money-based, profit-oriented society, can people say no to more profits, even at the expense of human lives?

And what if the same congressman who has contacts with military air bases, has interests in the pharmaceutical industry?
What if he earns billions on the sock market?

Aluminium is the material used in aerials and antennae. They are good in picking up signals and radio frequencies.
Get it combined with what they call the High Atmosphere and Aurora Research Program's (commonly known as HAARP's) antennae forest invading the ionosphere, using it as a mirror and directing different energy impulses on different frequencies to almost anywhere on the globe.
There you have it. Earthquakes you want you said? In Hawaii? (Just an example.) No problem.
That's how we play god. "We"... Well, not me, but these specimens are said to be humans, too.

And what's the most bizarre and most outrageous bit in all these?
That equipment needs humans to run it. The planes need pilots.
And there you go, there they are!
"We're doing our job you know. To pay the bills, you know. Just obeying orders, you know."
All I could humbly say is The system works because you make it work, complying conformist idiots!

The goal? Complete control!

The cost? Lives, health. Bodies contaminated with toxic substances that might develop serious sicknesses and suffering. We are already far from mother nature.

Conditioning of the mind


"A lack of truth and information has led to the human race to develop a number of theories and belief systems that are widely accepted as truth and taught within educational institutions without any full verification."

You can easily form society if you form the ways of thinking in large masses of individuals. Kill individualism and make everybody conform. Punish all signs of individual thinking - if not directly, then through different means. Teach lies (or theories without full verification) and repeat them. Any lie that's repeated for a sufficiently long time can get accepted as truth. Use the media and repeat the lies over and over again. This way you can reinforce your power.
Make them deal with minor, inconsiderable things, events, let them argue over unimportant details of unimportant trivia. That's gonna keep them away from the really important issues, so that we can become invincible.

No, it's not a quote directly from a tyrant in the third world, not even from Adolf Hitler. This is how today's schooling system works. 

This post isn't meant to give full details on how or why our today's educational institutions were created, or forced into their present day form.
What we all must see even at first glance is that these institutions don't serve the public in the widely accepted sense how they are supposed to. They don't simply give pupils and students knowledge and don't teach you or strengthen in you the ability to think for yourself. They don't teach you to ask questions. They only give you the answers which you are to parrot. Senseless, mindless repetition is valued. Individual thinking, the ability to invent new solutions to certain problems is not. It is about standardizing and regulating problem-solving.

Just one example on this subject. Take a closer look at the list of books our kids are supposed to read, compare it to their age and the natural capacities of their understanding in that age. What do you think, does the two match? Requirements versus capabilities.
I remember what books I had to read when I was twelve. I remember a certain book which I had almost finished, I had read it to almost the last chapter, when I realized that I didn't understand anything of it. So I started to read it over again. My second effort proved to be enough to pass the tests in connection with this piece of literature, but I just couldn't understand nor like the writer and I almost started to hate reading. I was lucky I had already started reading interesting sci-fi books as well, so I could value reading itself. But this masterpiece almost killed the urge to read in me.
Funny thing is that some decade later I came across a book from the same author which I immediately liked and have read it in full a number of times, over and over again, and this time not for the reason that I didn't understand it, but because I liked it so much! What a difference!
Mind you, it was a bit more than a decade later, when I was already receptive and mature enough to understand it.
Our schooling system does not work for us. All it does is create submissive workers for the system. As George Carlin said it once "People smart enough to run the machinery, but dumb enough to ask questions" and sheep enough not to rebel against it - I might add.

As soon as we're out of uni, all these above mentioned nice-good and highly civilized factors have probably killed off something within us. If we're lucky enough, sometimes we can still remember bits of our original connection - to nature, to each other, to our planet. Most of the time however, these effects succeed and overcome. It is then - or it should be - our number one priority to awaken our ability to remember and put the puzzle back together. It is crucial, our life depends on it! Let's not help these Trojan horses kill off any remnant survivors of it for the sake of carrier or a "better" "living".

It is crucial, our life depends on it! 

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