Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chemtrails again - with photos

This is how the sky looks when it is "clear" nowadays. In the morning, when they don't yet start this shitty business of theirs and literally no clouds are around (perhaps a tiny bit of a thin layer still remains there by then by the way, but it's not much in comparison), the sun is yet warm and you'd think it might be a hot day later on. 
Then they start to spray these stripes however, which spread really fast and these ones don't form huge thick clouds. On the contrary, a subtle thin layer is spread out only, which is penetrable for the suns light rays, but definitely locks up the heat rays. 
The result is some ice-age-like freezing late autumn temperatures with early spring - late autumn light conditions, only the sun being in an angle more late-springish gives it away we're in late spring. Its rays can't properly heat up the surface as they should, leaving plants, veggies, fruit trees and everything in your back garden puzzled and undergrown. 
Harbour no illusions, folks, it's being done on purpose, so that you won't miss out your shopping at the local supermarket and you can be infected with the gmo stuff they want to feed you with. Once your back garden is exterminated, you won't be so enthusiastic about gardening - anything else than ornamental plants like flowers and stuff. Or lawn.
But the most embarrassing aspect about it, for us at least, who are still capable of thinking, is that the masses still believe in the global warming tale when it is mentioned. Even with temperatures so low that no grandfather of yours could remember... That's something, a real achievement on their part. And that anyone would say "What a lovely weather we have, the sun is out, the sky is clear." No, darling, it is not! 
I estimate some 20-30% of its light is already blocked out and with this excessive spraying they will soon increase this percentage. How long till you realize it, my dear? How long till you stand up for your right to the sun and its light and its heat? How long until you sign some petition to stop chemtrailing?

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