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Weather control games and toy devices used to justify climate change propaganda, and the wording is getting stronger - this shit has got to STOP!!!

"Climate inaction to be 'catastrophe'" - warns the BBC, US Secretary of State, UN Knowitallmen and Joe Public. A UN report on "climate change" and "global warming" is the trigger, which is supposed to convince every Mr. and Mrs. Public about the necessity of more spends on "taking action".
If you take a closer look at the agenda, it will be clearer than the sun that this all pile of shithe is based largely on the adverse weather conditions we experienced worldwide earlier this year.
Photo taken on 28 Nov 2013
near Bournemouth UK. The
chemtrails have already produced
some thicker cloud stripes here.
Was it worldwide?
(Wait a second, perhaps not entirely. They were able to concentrate their toy devices on some certain more populated areas, but nothing would be further from the truth if we stated it was worldwide.)
Was it because of human-made climate change? Really?

In a sense it was man-made indeed, but not the way they put it on the plate. Or on the screens for that matter.

I think our environment does have to be taken care of, we must preserve it as best as we can for the future generations. I argue however the existence of a climate change, as nothing of the sort is happening anywhere. The climate is fine, thanks, though there might be some ups and downs in the weather phenomena. Mistaking weather for climate is just hilarious, the problem is when some use it on purpose just like a playing card, to achieve their goals.

When Isaac Asimov and other famous science fiction authors wrote about weather control and artificially generated weather or climate phenomena, both methods and equipment, they always assumed a benevolent society using it for the common good and the well being of the society. E.g. to produce abundant crops and to avoid extremities. In some cases in some stories perhaps some villain tried to hack these methods to do some harm here and there, but this is not the common concept of "weather control" in science fiction books.

Photo from Pecs, Hungary, June 2009
However, if you only look up and check on the clouds, you might see what it has become with the years and decades passing. Geo-engineering is an existing "science" - as they claim - to counter-balance the imbalances in our climate. To react to what we have previously caused to it, the so-called "global warming", which they claim to know is man made. (All this since Margaret Thatcher and her controversial handling of the coal miners' strikes to be more specific.)
If one digs into the subject a bit deeper than just scratching surface, it will be obvious that the very phenomenon, the Earth's overall temperature's significant warming does not exist. There are anomalies in the temperature, as there have always been, with ice ages and warm periods alternating in various lengths of time as peak moments of it, but these have never been man-made and there is no such thing as a constant warming.
Just think of the short ice ages of the medieval times, or the warm periods with vine regions up in Northern England a few centuries back. Or why the name "Greenland" to a large icy island? Or why worry about it getting green once again? Wasn't it green when discovered and consequently named after that? ;)
The film titled The great global warming swindle (youtube link here, working at the moment of writing this post, if it's unavailable at the time of your visit, pls use your search engine) examines it in detail - and concludes that these peaks have always been connected to human sunspot activity. The charts happen to go together all the time, although they weren't assumed to be in any connection.
Photo from Pecs, Hungary, June 2009

The global elite, however, wants you to believe it is man made and you are responsible for it with your filthy habits of this and that. Consequently, if we would like to see a world without these "bad effects", we must do something.
Why are they so eager in achieving this? Well, not so fast, soon we will arrive to this point too.

And this is the moment a geo-engineer is starting to chirp in and tell you how effective counter-measures they can achieve by spraying aluminium and barium cocktails and who-knows-whatnot molecules into the air to reflect sunrays, divert them away from Earth and achieve lower temperatures on the surface. (I must agree, with some of these cocktails they indeed are capable to do so, only the price remains unclear in their presentation. And the price is too high, and we all know who has to pay it. Not only these "self-made weathermen".) 
This - they say - must be done. And now is the time. We must take action. (There are several other problems in the world, probably some of them more urgent, like millions starving and rainforests disappearing, etc., but in those cases nobody seems to care. This subject is their favourite now. This needs immediate action and attention.) Moreover, it should be done on a more regular basis, more frequently, possibly blocking out all the sunlight from the surface of the planet. Because - as engineers have their habits - the numbers are these -he points on the chart. And numbers never lie.
Photo from Pecs, Hungary, June 2009
Elections are coming, you know.
Put the X next to any names, this
harmful thing will obviously go on
Scientific method - I can hear it praised over and over again, even in some of the awareness groups, it's simply overrated - should be used to eliminate the bad.
Really? Even if it wipes out life?
Is a scientific experiment worth risking wiping out life from the planet's surface?
In whose interest is this?
Who benefits from this?
There are existing answers to these questions, because there are some who previously, in times before our today's written history has started, have wiped out the existing civilisation from the surface of our globe. Nowadays we look at those structures here and there, remnants of a long gone era and call them pyramids, stone henges and so on and have no clue whatsoever what they were supposed to do so long ago and how human beings were capable of building them, why the tremendous effort the task required, etc. But back to our topic.

The earlier this year experienced adverse weather was indeed man-made. These chemicals injected into the Earth's atmosphere can be used as an antennae to amplify the effect of HAARP machines, which can cause various anomalies at any distant point on our globe. Extensive chemtrailing is the key factor which makes it a precise tool in the hand of the surgeon.
The only problem is that our dear doctor is a psychopath and his intentions are not to cure any sicknesses, but to cause many.
As a doctor, he lives off his patients and a healthy patient is of no use for him whatsoever.
The Alaska HAARP base is reported to be shut down and by spreading this news in the media they wanted to turn our attention away from the fact that in the mean time worldwide a few dozen further tools of the same kind have been put into operation. They are there close enough to every region of every continent to make the effect more radical and more precise. If they want some flood in Somerset, here you go. If it's an earthquake in Japan what they need to achieve their "higher" goals, there it is. If they want a tsunami to damage a nuclear power plant there and thus to contaminate the Pacific Ocean, it's all just a few clicks away and off you go. Very convenient and bloody efficient. But only if it can work in secret.
"What if we told these folks we are doing exactly the opposite of what we actually do? What if we got them pay for their own poison in their tea? For their own funeral?"
That's exactly the case, folks!

But the story is not yet told in full.
Photo from Pecs, Hungary, June 2009

We know that these extensive measures are necessary for "them" and that by this present campaign they only want to introduce a tiny bit more of a deadly force in the grip they intend to pose on the throat of our free society. These creatures are panicking of losing their grip now as more and more people start to wake up worldwide to their true power.

THEY APPEAR TO BE OVERWHELMING, but we have a few more tools we can use.

What can we do?

I will concentrate on the chemtrails part in this blog post, because officially the other one, that HAARPic side hasn't been admitted to its real extent. Chemtrails, as a means of geoengineering are at least partially admitted by some high officials and even the US president himself.

Before we proceed, let's take another moment to listen to somebody who had been an insider and worked for the military for several years before they arrived to the conclusion that this thing, despite the common belief in the otherwise, does exist and is a real threat to the population. In this video ex-military Kristen Meghan - now labeled as "geoengineering whistleblower" - explains what she experienced. Link here (again, does work at the moment of posting - if it doesn't at the time of your visit, pls try to search for it. Keywords: ex-military Kristen Meghan geoengineering whistleblower 18 January 2014)

If you're new to the topic and cannot tell contrails from chemtrails, then probably this is a hard-to-digest stuff for you. But one thing I can suggest to everyone: pls try to dig down deeper into the subject and educate yourself. There's plenty of articles and videos out there on this topic, so it's not a hard thing to do.

Also there are numerous Facebook chemtrails awareness groups out there. Search and pick a local one to join on the news.

One thing we can do is what Kristen suggested in this video above. Collect some rainwater samples and send them off for an analysis. Where? It depends on your location, that's where the fb awareness group can help.

To summarize the answer to the question in the title - what we're gonna do - here's two basic things you must be aware of:

  1. This stuff they are spraying on us has never been properly tested in its effects on humans, animals and plants, the environment - actually nowhere. It does fall down as nothing in the Earth's atmosphere at that level can stay there for too long, especially if it's heavier molecules. However, they are applying a chemical cocktail on us the people without pretty much sufficiently knowing what will happen to us because of that. Many have already suffered the consequences knowingly and many have health problems yet undetected or from a yet unknown source. The increased levels of certain aluminium or barium molecules in one's blood are an easy giveaway. If you had blood samples taken and found something similar, don't be in doubt for a second.
  2. And why through the back door? They are doing it without the authorization from the public or even the public being aware of what they are doing. There are civilized methods in a civilized society if somebody comes up with an idea that improves on the life of the globe in general. A good cause doesn't need covert actions, but "liars anagram is lairs". In short: nobody has voted for it and nobody gave permission to their actions. On the contrary, especially in the beginning (and sometimes even today) they tried to ridicule everyone of those who came up with the phrase "chemtrails" and they tried to convince the public that these are only contrails and this chemtrail kinda thing is nothing but a conspiracy theory and has nothing to do with reality. Now with these measures they tell us about that need to be taken, they try to re-paint the story and convince us - the public - that this excessive chemtrailing serves us the public and is supposed to turn the process of global warming back. Now they write these articles with the purpose of making it acceptable. One thing they forgot - and if nobody says it out loud, it will remain forgotten - THEY DON'T HAVE OUR PERMISSION.

So, if we take these into account, we can conclude that along these lines we do have a chance to fight this thing back and soon one day we can see a clear blue sky without any chemtrails whatever.

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