Sunday, February 23, 2014

What to do when you are labeled a conspiracy theorist

I find it "interesting" when I say things how I see them, from a unique point of view, sharing my own thoughts on affairs and news and stuff (my own opinion, rather than just parroting whatever the media tells me my opinion must be), and then people come to me and call me a conspiracy theorist, or whatever I came up with: a conspiracy theory.
It's pretty interesting
to find out the roots of this expression which became so common nowadays that people may think of it as a phrase which had already existed when the universe was born. Nothing can be further from the truth, as it was first used by Henry Kissinger, provably part of an actually existing conspiracy, when he deliberately used this phrase to discredit all his opponents and anybody pointing out the existing conspiracy. He labeled the speakers of truth with this expression to question their credibility, to bring them down. So whenever I hear I am called a conspiracy theorist, I wish a good sleep to those labeling me that, and I know I am on the right side. The only thing that annoys me is their ignorance. Which, in an age of information is a choice.
So what to do when they call you a conspiracy theorist? 
Give a fook if you want to, but I'd rather give a shrug and go on with my duties. ;) Let them sleep on if they want to.

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